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Founder(s): WAYNE JORDAN

Date founded: OCTOBER 2007

Brief History:

'Universal Fighting Concepts' is a way of understanding,developing and expressing yourself.

A philosophy of life based on the growth of a person - using the Martial Arts as a vehicle.

Universal fighting concepts is a process of learning,constant growth and evolution.

The System itself is a unity of concepts and principles,the fruit of years of rigorous investigation.

We encourage an enviroment that is open minded and free thinking,allowing the student to find their own truths - Self-truths.

Unlike many traditional Martial arts,Universal fighting concepts dosen't close any doors,it gives the student the keys to open them!

All ranges of Combat are studied -

*Kicking Range

*Punching Range

*Trapping Range

*Standing Grappling


*Ground Fighting

*Hand Held Weapons

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

Universal Fighting Concepts has a Fully structured grading process-

*White Belt

*Orange Belt

*Red Belt

*Yellow Belt

*Green Belt

*Blue Belt

*Purple Belt

*Brown Belt

*Brown Belt/White stripe

*Brown Belt/Black stripe

*Black Belt

1st Dan - 10th Dan