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Samurai School Martial Arts for Kids

Founder(s): Sensei Robert Armstrong

Date founded: 16th January 2005

Brief History:

Japanese Samurai Martial Arts for Children 5 - 14 years of age. Samurai School is a fun and safe environment where children aged 7 - 14 will benefit from the a combination of Eastern Martial Arts and modern personal development techniques. It is for both boys and girls.

Samurai School is a new Martial Arts Program for kids founded by Sensei Robert Armstrong who currently holds the rank of 3 Dan in Ninpo Goshinjutsu Mu Te Jinen Ryu , the main style which influences the Samurai School syllabus. Ninpo Goshinjutsu Mu Te Jinen Ryu was first created for security personnel in 1977 by Soke Bo F. Munthe renowned for introducing Ninjutsu to Europe and holder of over 50 Dan grades.

Our curriculum includes techniques from some of the oldest known systems of Martial Arts including 900 year old Ninjutsu, Jujutsu (art of the Samurai), Judo (created from Jujutsu 1800's), Aikido (also developed from Jujutsu with emphasis on the use of Ki) and Karate in its various forms with Kenpo widely excepted as the first ever martial art. Whilst we are not affiliated to any of these styles we are respectful and inspired by all forms and the lessons they can teach. Areas of technique include; rolls, break falls, blocks, releases, throws & takedowns, strikes and kicks, unarmed and weapons kata, self defence, conflict resolution and danger awareness.

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

Progress is measured and recognised using graded syllabus with awarded coloured belts, merit badges and 'Life Skills Certificate' systems. Life skills certificates include awards such as Teamwork, Outstanding Attendance, Honesty, Community, and Friendship etc.

Students are assessed on a regular basis and awarded a coloured belt signifying their level of achievement. The system used by Samurai School is that of a 'Mon' or Junior level grading and the coloured belt system.

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