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Old Lion Ryu Goju

Founder(s): GM Peter Ticali

Date founded: 4th, JUly 1989

Brief History:

The Old Lion Ryu system was sanctioned under GM Peter Urban of USA Goju. It is based on both the Founders's physical experiences in Yudo, Judo, Jujitsu and his base art of Goju-Ryu; as well as the philsophical context of its founders Martial LIFE Arts organization.

Through GM Urban and the founder's previous instructors Master Stern and GM Louie; Old Lion's lineage is honored to be one generation removed from the unique martial arts trilogy of Gogen Yamaguchi, Mas Oyama, Naraki Hara and Richard Kim . This unique context of the very best off Okinawa, Japan, Korea and United States remains a responsibility which old lion ryu will strive to live up to.

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

Old Lion's Ranking system falls into three cataeories:

Pre-Kyu Ranks for children ages 5 thru 9, these ages are taught martial arts but grades for their motor skill development, balance, and understanding of proper self discipline and self control.

Junior kyu ranks for participants 10 thru 13 are given for youth. These requirements follow the same lines as adult ranking with criteria that is not proper for their age omitted.

Adult ranks are required for all students 13 and above. In this way the min. time criteria of 44 months to shodan assures that no blackbelt shall be awarded to children under 16.

It may be noteworthy to mention that a teaching certificate (Sensei) requires a min. of ten years active training, of which five of them must be as belkbelts w/ assistant teaching experience. This ten year period should be consistant with a traditionally taught Sandan.