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Karate-Jutsu UK

Founder(s): Alan Platt

Date founded: 1998

Brief History:

Karate-jutsu is not a particular Karate or Jujutsu style, the Karate-Jutsu UK style is completely open to interpretation by the individual practitioner. We do not teach a collection of prescribed techniques. No one particular style has anywhere near all the answers. We don't claim to either. We teach a state of open mind, techniques concepts, dynamics and tactics which allow you to look for your own answers. Our job is to teach our students to switch on and trust their own critical faculties. We will not teach, mimic techniques or styles for affect.

Students learn to understanding how to judge what works and why. This allows them to utilise, adapt and apply any technique suited to them, from the vast repertoire available from a diverse martial arts world and from their own creativity.

We will not spout mysticism at you or try and convince you to train in techniques or methods which you do not understand or know do not work. We will give you the mental and physical tools you need to become an effective martial artist and to fully understand why.

Students need to be aware of what's needed for defence or offense instinctively. Not slow down the process of response by prescribing movement for possible use. A prescribed action alone is not enough. We must learn to be aware of probable actions taking place quicker than you could think the action out. Students must fully understand exactly what the purpose of the action is for , when and why.

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

There is no Association grading criteria. Members can Dan or Kyu grade outside the Association if they wish a grade status.

A grade is not required for membership. The Association ranking system is formulated from within, by respect of ability and knowledge from all members...

A Grade can and will be awarded for special achievements and accreditations for our group.