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Founder(s): Ryan Lytollis

Date founded: 15th March 2005

Brief History:

• Honour (MYOUNGYAE): Honour is linked with most parts of our life, how people view one another and people understand that honour is pride, as martial artists we have pride in everything we do and to offend us is to offend our honour. Honour is obtained in many ways, by victories in tournaments or by our actions both equally respectful.

• Duty (UEIMU): Duty is what ever task we endeavour to take , there are many paths but there are some general duties that HapSooDo has, this is the Duty of knowledge (to seek new information), the Duty of Care (To yourself, family and friends) and Duty of Work (the profession you have decided to take). These three general duties should always be given 100% effort, There three duties are the “Duties of Life”. There is a saying that can provide a framework for the martial artist, "MUN MU IL DO" - one must study equally the combination of academic and martial skills. Then you will truly develop the qualities of a warrior.

• Respect (JONKYUNG): There are three major spheres of respect. One must have respect for yourself, respect for your parents (elders), and respect for others. Respect yourself by loving who and what you are and if there is something you do not like about yourself, then have the discipline and the courage to change yourself to be the person you want to become. "Know thyself," is used by all great teachers and great leaders of the world. One must listen to their inner voices and know who and what you are mentally, physically, and spiritually. Respect your parents and elders for they have given you life and nurtured your growth. Their wisdom far exceeds yours, so follow them and then take care of them. As your parents brought you into this world and sacrificed part of their life to nurture and protect, you must do the same as they grow old. Respect others by being courteous and humble. Respect is given. So, Be Modest - Be Humble - Be Polite - Be Civil - Be Courteous - Be Precious - Be Just - Be Selfless - Be Responsible

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

White Belt (10th Keup) the Birth of a new student, pure at heart willing to learn the knowledge and philosophy of HapSooDo, the One that comes over all challenges to prove ones self. Orange Belt (9th Keup) the Burning bright flame raging with in, absorbing all knowledge feeding the flame burning of fear and negative aspects.

Yellow Belt (6th Keup) The flame has reached its limits it rages across the inner mind and body whipping away all things negative leaving only the positive mental aspects that are desired. Hate, anger, fear all destroyed from the sole.

Green Belt (4th Keup) After the raging flame only the inner peace returns in a flourish like a plant in a burnt field growing stronger more eager to understand rather than just have knowledge seeking wisdom.

Blue Belt (2nd Keup) The search for wisdom is ever higher aiming up beyond the skies towards the starts you know of no limitations to your abilities and can express them mental and physical, you’re grown strong with wisdom and knowledge.

Red Belt (1st Keup) The Flame that burnt bright has returned but under constant control you know when to unleash your abilities and stay in constant control of the flame, your no longer feeding the flame but its fuelling your passions you drawing strength from it.