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Founder(s): Paul Griffin

Date founded: 1991

Brief History:

Combining the punching and kicking skills from Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai into an explosive kickboxing style for competition and self-defence. The objectives are to devlop the person from the point of their best techniques and add the core principle and other techniques so they become the best possible fighter in the shortest possible time.

Grade Criteria & Belt Order:

Grade criteria is there is only one black belt grading which all grades attend and aqcuire more skills to progress. Their is no belt jumping and a minimum three months between each grade. At brown belt their is 1 year black belt training where by the student is taught to grade others and gets his instructor qualifications. A white strip is awarded to signify these qualifications and then he can take the black belt. In essence the person takes a black belt grading 10 times progressing just one belt at a time. The 1st grade has one light contact contest the next grading 2 contests, so on and so forth building up to 10 light contact contests for the black belt. Dan grades are awarded for specialist expertise up to 4th Dan then for contribution to Brithai Development.

Grade order:

White Belt - Lowest Grade

Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Light Green (or green no stripe)

Dark Green ( or green one stripe)

Blue Belt

Red Belt

Purple Belt

Brown Belt

Brown Belt One Stripe

Black Belt ( Signifys you know syllabus)

1st Dan for Application of Technique

2nd Dan for Specialist Competition Techniques.

3rd Dan for Specialists Self Defence Techniques.

Note 2nd and 3rd Dan can be swapped.

All dan grade progression beyond this point is about contribution and being recommended by their own students and other instructors from other clubs.